Download ‘Holud Himu Kalo RAB’ by Humayun Ahmed


holud himu kalo rab

Humayun Ahmed is a very bright name in our Bengali Literature. A lof of talented sign in every Bengali literature area, poem, novel, recitation etc. where not. ‘Holud Himu Kalo RAB’ is his glamorous creation that people really liked a lot. ‘HOLUD HIMU KALO RAB’ is a most popular small story book where Humayun Ahmed tried to talk about RAB(Rapid Action Battalion) of Bangladesh based on a night street time the imagined hero of the story had passed. Slightly but logically the writer may wants to say of his thought about RAB I guess. But you reader could get better idea after read this book by downloading on your Local Computer Machine or Pad/Tab or Mobile Device. So you could read that book anytime even front of digital machine sometimes in outdoor while it can be carry on mobile device.

To download ‘HOLUD HIMU KALO RAB‘ please click on the download link/button below:


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